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KIONI VILLAS & RESTAURANT | Rooms for Rent & Tavern Sfakia

The KIONI tavern is a real treasure of flavors in Sfakia, Chania. Here you will discover the authentic Cretan and Mediterranean cuisine in a magical environment with a wonderful view of the sea.

The tavern offers a refined selection of traditional products and fresh local ingredients, which are combined in a unique way to create authentic and delicious experiences. You will enjoy dishes rich in flavors, such as fresh seafood, grilled meats, varieties of cheeses and local Greek dishes that will take you on a journey through the tradition and gastronomy of Crete.

All these excellent dishes can be enjoyed in the company of a glass of wine pleasure, selected from a variety of local wines. The combination of flavors, quality ingredients and excellent service will leave you with unforgettable impressions.


Enjoy your lunch or dinner at the KIONI tavern and indulge in the magic of the flavors and the view. Revitalize your taste buds with traditional Cretan and Mediterranean flavors, accompanied by the freshness of local products.

Sit back and enjoy the wonderful view of the sea that stretches out in front of you. The blue shades of the Aegean will create a calm and romantic atmosphere during the meal.

Regardless of whether you are a fan of Cretan cuisine, wish to try traditional specialties or simply enjoy a romantic dinner with a view of the sunset, the KIONI tavern will satisfy your requirements and give you a unique dining experience.

Bon appetit and enjoy your excellent stay at KIONI VILLAS!



In the KIONI restaurant you will find a fine selection of our locally produced Cretan products.

Enjoy the authentic taste of myzithra, a typical Cretan traditional cheese, which is made from fresh goat's and sheep's milk. Myzithra has a creamy texture and a rich taste that will amaze you.

You can also enjoy the excellent Cretan honey produced by the local beekeepers. Cretan honey has a unique taste and aroma from the pure flowers of the region, and is known for its nutritional and healing properties.

Finally, try the olives grown in Crete and produced with care and traditional methods. Cretan olives are known for their rich flavor and high antioxidant content.