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KIONI VILLAS & RESTAURANT | Rooms for Rent & Tavern Sfakia

KIONI VILLAS & RESTAURANT is a unique accommodation and restaurant in Sfakia, Chania, which combines comfort, hospitality and delightful gastronomy.

KIONI VILLAS offers 4 beautiful bungalows, which can accommodate from 2 to 5 people. The bungalows are tastefully designed and offer all modern amenities for a comfortable stay. In addition, the peace and tranquility of the area offer an ideal environment for relaxation and rest.

KIONI RESTAURANT is a real culinary delight. With a panoramic view of the sea, the restaurant offers a fine selection of traditional Cretan and Mediterranean flavors. The dishes are prepared with local products and fresh ingredients, while the delicious recipes have been passed down through generations, preserving the authenticity and taste of Cretan cuisine.



The philosophy of KIONI VILLAS AND RESTAURANT focuses on providing a unique hospitality and gastronomic experience to its guests. The core values and principles that guide the accommodation and the restaurant are as follows:

  1. Hospitality: KIONI VILLAS AND RESTAURANT offer a warm and welcoming environment to their guests. The goal is to make you feel at home and enjoy a hospitality experience that exceeds your expectations.
  2. Authenticity: In both accommodation and gastronomy, authenticity is central. The bungalows of the accommodation and the flavors of the restaurant reflect the tradition, the culture and the beautiful area of Sfakia Chania.
  3. Quality: Quality is an integral part of KIONI VILLAS AND RESTAURANT's philosophy. From the excellent service and the careful configuration of the accommodations to the preparation of the meals with authentic taste and high quality.




Overall, the philosophy of KIONI VILLAS AND RESTAURANT is to offer an unforgettable experience to their guests, combining the comfort and hospitality of the accommodations with the culinary delight of Cretan cuisine. Through the quality of the services and the authenticity of the tastes, visitors can discover and enjoy the rich culture and tradition of Crete.



The 4 bungalows of the KIONI VILLAS complex are designed to offer comfortable accommodation to guests who wish to visit Sfakia, Chania...


The KIONI tavern is a real treasure of flavors in Sfakia, Chania. Here you will discover the authentic Cretan and Mediterranean cuisine in a magical environment with a wonderful view of the sea...