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KIONI VILLAS & RESTAURANT | Rooms for Rent & Tavern Sfakia

The 4 bungalows of the KIONI VILLAS complex are designed to offer comfortable accommodation to guests who wish to visit Sfakia, Chania. Each bungalow can accommodate from 2 to 5 people, providing options for couples, families or small groups.

The bungalows have all the modern comforts required for a pleasant stay. Depending on the choice of each guest, they can find spacious bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a living room with a TV and a comfortable sitting area, a bathroom with a shower and a terrace with a view of the sea or the natural environment.

In addition, the bungalows offer air conditioning for temperature regulation, free Wi-Fi for internet connection, room cleaning and change of sheets and towels, providing a comfortable and welcoming environment for guests.

  Coffee Maker  
  Dishwasher & washing machine  

KIONI VILLAS bungalows offer a calm and welcoming environment for guests. With their comfortable layout and the modern amenities they provide, the bungalows create an atmosphere of calm and relaxation.

Their location in close proximity to the tavern with traditional products offers guests the opportunity to enjoy delicious food and Mediterranean flavors without having to go far.

In addition, the close distance from Sfakia of Chania offers the possibility to explore the area and the surrounding beaches, as well as to hike the nearby natural paths and gorges.

So, for those looking for tranquility, hospitality and ease of access to traditional flavors and natural beauty, KIONI VILLAS bungalows are an ideal choice.


Looking for an idyllic destination for your next vacation? KIONI VILLAS in Sfakia Chania is the ideal destination for you. The 4 uniquely designed bungalows will offer you a world of tranquility and hospitality.

Come live a unique experience at KIONI VILLAS. Book your stay today and indulge in complete relaxation and well-being.